Velara 3 Software
Web Export
Easily author and export to HTML and CSS
Integrate with external libraries
Set styles and classes
Match Artboard to screen
Scale to fit available view
Export all artboards at once
Export all artboards as a slideshow
Export all artboards as single page application
Align to all edges and corners
Stretch selected elements to edges
Define a margin from the edge
Center horizontally and vertically in a group
Only need to select the element
Easily check the count of each type of element
Get total count of all elements on an artboard
Count selected artboard or all artboards
Convert text into shapes and images and images into text
Adjust image levels to achieve maximum quality
Control density of image (characters per line)
Adjust font size
Copy to clipboard
Invert and image background fill
Save to image, plain text, HTML, SVG or FXG
Open in Illustrator and other vector software
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Price - $96.95
Price - $2.95 (comes with Web Export)
Price - $1.95 (comes with Web Export)
Price - $5.95 (comes with Web Export)
More Information