What is problems are you trying to solve in graphic design and web development in 2017?

What do you need as a web developer? What do you need as a graphic designer?

When you need to do the following tasks:

  • Port a design to the web
  • Check the design across multiple browsers
  • Check the validation of a web page
  • Create an advanced layout for the web
  • Integrate content from WordPress into a design
  • Integrate and support multiple web frameworks in a graphic design
  • Render and code an HTML page live as you type (showing outlines)
  • Render and code an MXML document live as you type
  • Create new design with text, images, and form items
  • Create a rich email letter (self contained HTML with inline styles)

These are the problems I’m trying to solve with Radiate. Check it out and if it doesn’t solve a problem for you then let me know.