Web Export 3.5.0 for Adobe XD and more

It has been one year since Web Export was released and it is now at version 3.5.0. With Web Export you can author and export web pages, web sites, slideshows and more from Adobe XD. It is really at version 1.0.0 in the big picture.

There have been exciting new features, new and smoother workflows and new documentation and videos and a new website and new forums. In the latest version you start out with a basic export screen and you can switch to an advanced screen.

Along with the Web Export plugin came the Alignment plugin and the Statistics plugin.

The Alignment plugin does just what it says. It supports aligning items to their container, stretching items to fit, aligning to margins, aligning to center and more.

Check out the Web Export playlist and start taking your designs online.

Check out the new documentation here.

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